Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ministry Updates - December 2013...

Another month has passed by... another year has gone away...

The year 2013 has been a challenging year in many respects. But it has been a blessing anyway because God has taught us many lessons that we could not have learned otherwise. So we remain deeply grateful to Him who sustains us everyday, every week, every month and every year.

The following were highlights of what transpired in the month of December 2013:

  1. UOB held its quarterly board meeting in December. The board approved UOB's new strategic plan (2014-2016) and business plan for 2014 along with the budget. 
  2. UOB celebrated the grand opening of Gisozi Branch, its eleventh branch and 44th business office. Board members were able to join us in our celebration and dedication. To read more about this grand opening celebration, click here.
  3. UOB formally kicked off its T24 R12 Model Bank Migration project in December. An ACCPAC consultant for general ledger completed his work on upgrading the accounting software and Jethro team is on the ground to work on the migration. This work will continue for the next three months, with the target go-live date of April 1st, 2014.
  4. UOB was able to scale up its agricultural input loans to more than 5,000 farmers in Kirehe District so that they may not miss the planting season. In 2013, UOB has been supporting more than 15,000 farmers with the input/production loans. May they all achieve good harvest after the growing time.
  5. UOB continued the roll-out of mHose platform with now more than 16,000 clients and 130 agents signed up. Praise the Lord for His faithful guidance in this process!
  6. Jeffrey attended the board meeting of RSwitch, Rwanda's national payment switch, to review and approve the 2014 budget and strategic alliance.
  7. UOB also established a new dashboard for Transformation Activities using Spiritual and Social Performance Management (SSPM) Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  8. UOB received a surprise grant support from OI UK, totaling GBP193,304 or USD311,219 to be received equally divided in 2013 and 2014. Indeed God provides!!!
  9. UOB submitted a proposal to GIZ EnDev program to manage EUR 4 million to be used for supporting developers of village grids and solar lighting to supply renewable energy to rural Rwandans. OI US has helped us in putting together the proposal by sending two proposal writers with a short notice. TEAM stands true. Together Everyone Achieves More.
  10. Jeffrey served God's people through teaching and preaching God's Word at Shalom Bible Study, UOB staff devotion and Agape Church Rwanda.
  11. Kristin and Jeffrey traveled to Senegal in December to visit with Joyce who has been serving as a Peace Corps volunteer. We met Joyce's business counterparts and were blessed by the work she has been doing. We were blessed by the quality time together and have come back feeling proud of her thriving under challenging circumstances. To read more about this trip, click here.
  12. Opportunity International now has a new logo. It reflects the vibrant colors of Africa and Asia where OI is primarily ministering to the poor. It also shows a mother caring for a child in addition to OI. It will take some time until it is fully implemented, but it surely looks different. To see the new logo, click here
  13. When you remember to pray for us, please pray that:
  • God will make His face shine upon UOB and the search process for UOB's new CEO will bear fruit soon;
  • UOB will stabilize and sustain its operations again soon;
  • UOB will continue to scale up the implementation of mHose program and other CSPs;
  • UOB will go through the T24 R12 model bank migration process seamlessly;
  • UOB will inject its missional DNA for client and corporate transformation into everyone at UOB;
  • Jeffrey will be able to wrap up his tenure at UOB well and discern His will for the next ministry opportunity;
  • Kristin will be able to put her nursery project into full operations from January 2014;
  • Our children will stand firm and grow mature in their faith in Jesus Christ; and
  • Our aging parents will live their remaining lives on earth gracefully and hopefully for the eternal life. 
We thank you for standing with us in our ministries in Rwanda.

Blessed New Year 2014 to you and your family!

Gratefully in His service,

Jeffrey and Kristin from Kigali, RWANDA

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