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Trip to New York (May 2013)

Empire State Building, NY's icon
New York City... is a city that is attracting many visitors for various reasons. The reasons for attracting visitors to New York City include the sky line of Manhattan, the Broadway shows, tens of museums, all kinds of foods from all over the world, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Time Square, Harlem, United Nations, 9/11 site, Wall Street and many more.

New York City is a special place for me and Kristin. Kristin first came to the U.S. and settled in New York. She worked as a nurse in New York and lived in this city for eight years. She still has her mom and three brothers and their families living in New York or New Jersey.

I worked in Manhattan for four and a half years and lived in Queens Borough New York. Joyce, our younger daughter also worked and lived in New York for a few years.

We had a family reunion briefly with Joyce, who is now serving as Peace Corps volunteer in Senegal Africa. Amanda and her husband could not join us because Amanda is finishing up her service at US Air Force and is getting separated from the service on May 23rd as Captain. Her husband, James, is a pilot. He is now in training to switch his responsibility to fly Special Operations Aircraft. So they could not join us.
ESB in artistic form 

On Mother's Day, May 12th, we worshiped at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan, which Rev. Tim Keller is the senior pastor. He preached on Sunday, May 12th, about Idolatry. We celebrated the Mother's Day over lunch at a restaurant in Chelsea, called Pounds and Ounces, a trendy place popular for young people. Sujin, my niece and daughter of my younger sister, also joined us. She studied and now works in New York. The foods were great, particularly the desserts, but our fellowship was only greater. After the lunch, Kristin and I strolled in Manhattan for a couple of hours walking more than 20 blocks.

On Park Avenue
Our visit to New York includes an important task, the task of purchasing a variety of supplies that we will need for the next one year. Many of them are food supplies, but also include other supplies, such as medical and clothes. COSTCO is our favorite place. It has all kinds and you can buy many in bulk at affordable prices. Whenever I see the foods and goods stored at COSTCO, I am amazed at the overwhelming abundance. Abundance precludes scarcity and thus diminishes our appreciation of them.

Another important things to do in New York include seeing family and friends. Both of us have family and friends. They are precious and highly valuable. Due to our short stay, we could not see all friends, but we had great joy of seeing some. Among them were our two friends who climbed with me Mt. Kilimanjaro in September 2011 and their wives. They are Mr. Jay Yoon and Mr. Jaesup Choi. My friendship with them is solid because of the six day hiking on Mt. Kilimanjaro slopes.
Yoons and Chois
Mr. Yeunho Suk and his wife are another couple we saw. Mr. Suk is a Yonsei Alumnus and senior to both of us. He has responding to my e-mails from time to time and has always been welcoming us to New York.

Mr. and Mrs. Suk
Another group of young people I get to see whenever I come to New York is my former colleagues from Colorado who are now working in New York. We cherish the time of working together in Colorado as well as New York.

In New York, it is great fun to eat a variety of foods. All experiences will be one time, but they are good enough to restore to us our appreciation for delicious gourmet foods.

Young friends from Colorado

Sujin and Joyce, cousins
 Kristin and I enjoyed our visit to New York, short but sweet. We lived and worked in New York, but we never toured New York. So we agreed to tour New York next time we will visit the Big Apple again. We will.

 Food... food... food...

We appreciated our visit to New York, but my mother-in-law did not recognize us, both my wife and me, when we visited her. A year ago, she welcomed me with a big and bright smile last year although she could not speak, but this time she gave us no facial expression. As before, I hugged her saying "I love you" she changed her facial expression a little bit but quickly returned to no expression. Nonetheless, we prayed for her that she may have peace and hope in her heart in the last days of her life on earth. Mercy upon her, oh Lord. - Jeffrey

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