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Institute for Biblical Community Development (IBCD)...

Dr. Kim with 2013 students and their products
Institute for Biblical Community Development (IBCD) was founded in Siloam Springs AR by Dr. Young-Gurl Kim, a mechanical engineer. He used to be a professor at John Brown University and thus IBCD was and still is housed on the JBU's campus. IBCD used to be part of JBU, but now it is independent but collaborates on certain areas.

A tractor made at IBCD
IBCD's mission is to equip mission field and international development workers with biblical principles and values so that His Kingdom may be advanced through the development and promotion of biblical communities.

IBCD has established Center for Integral Mission nearby, physically in Oklahoma. This CIM is on a land of 76 acres and has dormitories for men and women, kitchen, dining area, library, lecture hall, green houses, lab facilities for appropriate technology.

Mud stove
Vegetables growing in winter
This year, I had a privilege of teaching for two days in IBCD's 4-week long generalist training. My teaching was about Good Steward's Financial Management for one day and Holistic Transformational Development for the other day. These topics focused on developing and managing business as mission (BAM) effectively. This year's generalist training had 20 students from 13 countries. Some were students from JBU, but most of them were field workers and missionaries ministering in Uganda, Niger, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Zambia, Thailand etc.

Another tractor
It was a relaxing time in a sense the CIM was located in a serene place where there was no telephone connectivity with a lot of green and water, but it was a rigorous time because I had to teach for two whole days in a row particularly at the tail end of my 6-week travel. But with God's grace, I was blessed and inspired by their ministries and also by the truth that was revealed through the teaching. Students made solar cooker, water pump and learned about many aspects of using appropriate technology in helping the developing countries redeem themselves through appropriate and thus sustainable technology in developing various solutions to their life challenges.

Cement stove
Another tractor
They make cement cooking stoves, mud stoves, solar cookers, solar dryers, water filters using sands and gravels, water pumps, even simple vehicles. In making these appropriate technology solutions, there are a few factors that are very important. They are affordability, sustainability and environmentally friendliness. The price has to be low. The nationals should be able to find the parts and components so they they can sustain the solutions without depending on external aid. Also, they should be environmentally sensitive and thus friendly.

Dr. Young Kim explaing about a tractor he made
I saw a few tractors that have been made at IBCD and each of them would cost approximately $1,000. They looked very functional to me. Also cement stoves would cost $20-25 and can last for several years. Solar cookers were very handy and they would cost only a few dollars. But all these solutions are based on the basic Kingdom principles of restoring to the Creator God the broken relationships, including relationships with the environment or God's creation, as a result of the original sin. This restoring process is redemption in Christ Jesus. Thus, it is transformational development and in itself is based on Shalom. What a wonderful testimony of God's plan for restoring and completing the Shalom that existed before the Fall.

One of buildings at Center for Integral Mission
Dr. Kim is a friend of mine. We were involved in Integral Mission Alliance together. He is a man of God, who desires to see Thy Kingdom Come and Thy Will Be Done on earth as in heaven.

Devotion time
Dr. Kim is also a pastor shepherding Open Door Baptist Church in Siloam Springs. She dreams to build a biblical community by integrating the church, the training and research and businesses together through developments. What a noble approach!

During my class
Mrs. Kim and a staff serving meals for all
Mrs. Kim is a poet and also a psychology consultant. She writes books and takes care of Korean ministry at IBCD. She is a humble sister in Christ who loves to serve God's people in any capacity. While the training is in session, she provides three meals a day with the help of a few other sisters and staff. The meals were delicious and wonderful. We all thoroughly enjoyed  the foods.

On the way back, I reflected on what I saw and heard at IBCD, and prayed that God will build more Kingdom-centered people of God to help advance His Kingdom on earth until the Lord returns.

Dr. Kim and 2013 students with their products
A dryer using solar entergy
Here are some photos that exhibit what they were learning and getting trained upon. I prayed for God's continued blessings upon IBCD, CIM and Open Door Church where Dr. Kim is also pastoring. - Jeffrey

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