Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Jubilee Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia...

Pastor Steve Park
Jubilee Presbyterian Church was founded by the Lord some 15 years ago through Pastor Steve Park and many believers in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love.

Pastor Steve Park is a close friend of mine and a fellow worker for His Kingdom. I know him from the Oriental Mission Church in Los Angeles. I was serving the Senior High School Department as a teacher and he was a student. He went to college in Canada and studied at Westminster Theological Seminary for his M. Div. as well as Ph. D. in Systematic Theology.

Pastor Steve has English congregation as well as Korean congregation at Jubilee. Unlike many other Korean American churches, Jubilee has two congregations worship and fellowship in harmony. They meet and decide together on important church matters. From Korean congregation's standpoint, it is an investment in the next generation and they yield the prime time of 10:00AM to the English congregation. It is a healthy and community church that is not church-centered but Christ-centered, serving the people in the community under His Kingdom.

Pastor Steve also teaches at Westminster and in country C in Asia. He is a gifted teacher and preacher.

I was asked to preach to the English congregation and also teach a session on the ministries that take place in Rwanda. I shared the Word with a title "The Calling in Christ" based on Ephesians 4:1-7 and talked about Business as Mission (BAM) and UOB ministries/other ministries in Rwanda. Many told me that they were challenged. Praise the Lord.

We had dinner with the elders of the Korean congregation session. Their relationship seemed very cordial, exhibiting oneness that is also not so common among many churches. I was blessed and encouraged by them. After dinner, we also spent time with a young couple, Insoo Kang and his wife Sarah from the English congregation, over tea and dessert. It was very encouraging to hear their commitment to the Lord in their walk in faith.

I drove from Akron in Lancaster County to Norristown and drove back in the evening. Physically I was tired, but I rejoiced greatly the fellowship time with Pastor Steve and Mona Park, his wife, and his children. Pastor Steve and I participated in the Project BGAN ministry together and he also presided over the Passage of Life ceremony for Amanda when she turned sixteen.  I praise the Lord who kept us in wonderful friendship with Pastor Steve and Jubilee Church. - Jeffrey

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