Friday, July 27, 2012

The Lee Family... All in Africa...

Family Photo taken on 2012 Mother's Day
Kristin and I have two daughters. They are Amanda and Joyce. So the Lee family has four members, plus James who is our son in relationship.

Amanda in uniform
Amanda graduated from US Air Force Academy in 2008 and got married in 2009 to a U.S. Air Force pilot, James. They currently live in New Mexico. Amanda is now a captain and she has recently been deployed to a country in Africa for a short term mission.

Joyce graduated from U Penn in 2009. She worked for Urban Outfitters for a couple of years and has recently been sent to Senegal Africa as a member of U.S. Peace Corps volunteers. She will be there for two years and three months advising the handcraft workers.

Kristin and I have been living in Rwanda Africa since February 2009. It has been three and half years. We have been blessed through our life and ministries in Rwanda.

Five years ago, none of us ever thought of the possibility of the Lee family all living in Africa at any point in time. But it is reality now.

It is life.

We do not even know what will happen tomorrow. Our life is like a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes according to the Bible. (James 4:14)

So life is not what we plan for, but what we prepare for. Our life belongs to the Creator and Operator God. On this day, I again think of the meaning and purpose of life that has been entrusted with us.

We should live the life fully and abundantly according to the purpose of the Creator. - Jeffrey    

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