Sunday, July 15, 2012

UOB has a dozen partners that are working with UOB in different forms and shapes.

Some of them are shareholders and members of the same network to which UOB belongs. Opportunity International, HOPE International and World Relief are these examples. They provide us with funding and/or technical assistance.

Some of them are providers of technical assistance only. UNCDF is an example.

Some of them are providers of funding only. Banks, international lending institutions are these examples.

Yet some of them are providers of both funding and technical assistance. Triple Jump is a good example and possibly IFC will also be if they approve our funding proposal.

Meanwhile, some are providing only risk mitigation schemes. Edify, SURF Rwanda, Merry Year International are such examples. They typically establish loan guaranty funds against which UOB is authorized to charge to recover any credit losses.

Katherin, Field Specialist and Cher, Africa Regional Dir.
Others are providers of funding and risk mitigation. Along with Vittana, Kiva is a good example. UOB is the largest in terms of borrowing limit and best in terms of the star ranking (UOB is a four-star rated.) partner of Kiva in the regions of Africa and Middle East. It is a great honor for UOB. UOB receives a funding to finance the loan growth. But also, UOB may offset any credit loss incurred before the loan is repaid against the debt which UOB owes to individual lenders through the platform. This is a great risk mitigating scheme.

Kiva's Africa Regional Director came to visit with UOB management and to meet some clients last week. Our discussion centered around the way to expand our relationship on green energy loans and education-related loans. I look forward to our expanded relationship thereby serving our clients better, faster and more conveniently.

- Jeffrey

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