Sunday, July 1, 2012

July 1st 2012

July 1st 2012 carries two important meanings. They are the Golden (50th) Anniversary of Rwanda's Independence and the first anniversary of Agape Korean Church in Rwanda.

Rwanda's independence was from Belgium 50 years ago. Rwanda has since been on a journey of resilience and transformation.

Resilience has been against chronic temptation for corruption and tempting despair when the horrible genocide occurred. Resilience has been also against tempting hatred towards perpetrators and compromise on mediocrity. Resilience has been rather for clean and safe environments, rapid and responsible economic development, commitment to excellence and resolve for forgiveness, healing and reconciliation. It has been transformation. Holistic transformation.

Kudos to Rwandans and particularly leadership. My prayer is for Rwanda to remain on the journey of resilience and transformation for the next 50 years.

Agape Korean Church in Rwanda was established by Koreans living in Rwanda. Many of them are KOICA volunteers. There are others, such as Korea Telecom expats, missionaries and business people. The total number of Koreans living in Rwanda is estimated to be 140. Out of this population, approximately 35-40 adults gather to worship every Sunday at a guest house run by a Korean missionary. Koreans are unique in that wherever they go, they think of establishing Korean churches.

The church has a long way to go. She does not have a pastor yet and missionaries take turn in preaching on Sundays. She does not have a permanent place to worship yet and meet at a guest house. But the spirit and attitude of the church members seem to remain high. My prayer is for the church not only to gather to worship and fellowship, but also to seek actively to be the light of the world and the salt of the earth as the Scripture. commands.

On this day, I am honored to share the Word at Agape Korean Church in Rwanda. - Jeffrey 

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