Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rice Farmers After First Cycle Agric Loans...

UOB started providing agricultural input financing in 2011. The first target farmers were Irish potato farmers, rice farmers and maize farmers. The biggest number of farmers who received input financing from UOB were rice farmers. Now they are getting into their harvest time. At the same time, they need to prepare for the next season since Rwanda offers bi-modal (two season) farming.

Rwandan farmers depend still heavily on natural rain. This past season has provided sufficient but not excessive rain during the rainy season, thus promising a good harvest. But during the rainy season, there were a few times when the rain appeared to be too much. We thank God who allowed just enough rain this season!

The following photos show some of the scenes related to the harvest time of rice farmers.

[A farmer explaining how the loan was helpful to him]

                       [One of the rice drying places]

Rice field ready for the next season

[A woman farmer who is happy with the harvest]

                       [Paddy rice collected in bags]

In 2011, we provided input financing for 1208 farmers. In 2012, we plan to finance 6,000 farmers. We need to seek God's grace for adequate rain more than ever. It is a risky business, but it is essential for the farmers. - Jeffrey

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