Saturday, February 4, 2012

BDF Strategic Meeting

Minister Kanimba at BDF Launch in 2011
On Saturday, February 4th, there was a strategic meeting for BDF board members and senior management. BDF is the only credit guarantee agency in Rwanda. BDF has been mandated to develop credit guarantee scheme for the SME (Small Medium Enterprise) and agricultural sectors in Rwanda and to provide business advisory services for business enterprises. I have the privilege of chairing the Board.

This strategic meeting was held to document the paradigm shifts that are taking place within BDF and to establish key principles for the new management to follow in their execution. Since BDF was launched in 2011, many government organizations have send their funds related to SMEs and agriculture along with heightened expectations for delivering performance that may not fit into the mission statement of BDF. These principles should provide a boundary and shield for the management to use as necessary.

The meeting went very well and 12 principles have been drawn. Also it was a constructive session for the new board and management to enhance their mutual understandings of the organization's expectations. We have an ideal mix of seven board members: a Ph.D. in statistics, a representative from Ministry of Trade and Commerce, country director of East African Development Bank with legal background, a commercial banker, an accountant, a marketing executive and myself.

I am grateful for the opportunity to make contribution to the foundation of governance for this infant organization and also for the successful outcome drawn out of the meeting. May this new agency help the SMEs start, grow and succeed through enhanced access to financing! - Jeffrey

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