Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Young Technocrats in Rwanda...

Rwanda has many young people who were educated in the developed countries and who are now serving the country in government posts. They are young technocrats.

[This photo is of President's Forum with Young African Leaders in the U.S.]

They are smart, reasonable, ambitious, hard working and motivated to help Rwanda transform into a self-sustainable country. They are willing to listen and learn to improve in every aspect. They are anxious to see the jigsaw puzzle pieces come together to draw a complete picture for the government, for the country and for the people of Rwanda.

I had a private meeting with a director general of a government agency along with two senior policy analysts at the President's Office. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss about how to improve certain policy and procedural issues at the subject government agency. (I am afraid that I cannot disclose the agency for privacy and in courtesy.) This particular agency has been enforcing certain regulatory issues but far beyond the extent of rational comprehension from the perspective of an expatriate who is coming from a developed country that has already gone through such a process.

This director general is not an ordinary person. This person is a Harvard Law School graduate and is smart. This person could be proud and possibly conceited. But this person was eager to listen and willing to make changes. Two senior policy analysts also have similar calibers and maintain the same attitude towards changes and learning.

How impressive they are!

This is a huge difference that the Rwandan government has and that most of other developing countries do not have. These young technocrats are the next generation leaders for Rwanda and present a great hope to this rapidly transforming country. With the visionary leader, President Paul Kagame, who leads the country with principles and discipline, these young technocrats can develop the country into an exemplary knowledge-based affluent society which most of African countries only dream of. May this become a reality in Rwanda! - Jeffrey

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