Friday, September 16, 2011

Trip to Ngoma EBU and Kigali West EBU...

On Friday, September 16, 2011, I traveled to visit Ngoma EBU and Kigali West EBU. This trip was made as part of my annual plan to visit all business units to meet with the staff and clients to assess their needs and to take appropriate actions. Daniel Ryumugabe, Director of Transformation Impact traveled with me as the interpreter.

Ngoma EBU (Entrepreneurial Business Unit) serves three districts in the Eastern Province: Ngoma, Kirehe and part of Kayonza. A total of eight Relationship Staff are now serving over 3,700 clients, some located 78 km away from the EBU office. Ngoma EBU is one of the top performing business units in all aspects: outreach, lending staff productivity, transformation activities, PAR control, recovery etc. It was great joy to talk to the Relationship Staff who are serving the clients with clear mission and right attitude.

I spent good amount of time asking them about the initial 4-week training when they form a new group. During this initial training period, approximately 25% of the interested applicants drop out. But it is a necessary process to screen out those who will not abide by the rules established for the trust group. After the initial training is completed, the EBU Leader makes the final visit and determines if the group is ready to borrow or not. With the leader's approval, the group will receive their first loan in two weeks. Thus, it is taking approximately six weeks from the first contact until the group receives the first loan. It is a long process, but this process has played a significant role in helping develop a healthy habit in honoring the debt obligations and keeping the loan portfolio quality strong historically.

On the way back, we also visited Kigali West in Nyabugogo, Kigali. They had just moved to this new office about two weeks earlier. Kigali West is also one of the top performing business units,
serving a little over 3,700 clients, with seven Relationship Staff. They maintain an excellent teamwork and their productivity is the highest among 11 EBUs. We had a wonderful discussion about the expansion plan for greater outreach in three districts they serve: Gasabo, Nyarugenge and Rulindo. They have a strong motivation to serve the clients well and a good discipline to balance between humble service and stewardship. I love them.

Whenever I visit the field offices, I am tired physically but greatly encouraged and uplifted spiritually. They are the faces of UOB and the ambassadors of the gospel. I am honored to be serving the Lord together with them. - Jeffrey

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