Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Long Distance Road Trip...

[At a coffee shop by a stream in Vail... Colorado Ski Museum in Vail...... A California coast scene..]

[Endless freeway in Arizona ... Pelicans in the sky in California.......... A beautiful California coast]

A road trip is fun in that you enjoy freedom and openness. It is inspirational when you sense God's marvelous creation from spectacular beauties abound on the way.

Starting from Denver, CO, Kristin and I took an extensive 25-day road trip from April 27th.

First, we drove up to Granby in the mountains. It was a short 2 hour trip. From there, we drove to Pagosa Springs, Colorado. It was a 7-hour drive and the sceneries were panoramic and spectacular. I have already posted a blog on this trip.

From Pagosa Springs, we drove down to Santa Fe, New Mexico for 3 hours, continuing to drive to Clovis, New Mexico where Amanda is living. It was another 4 hour drive.

From Clovis, we drove to Flagstaff, Arizona for 9 hours. The following day, we continued to drive to Los Angeles, California. It was another 8-hour drive. Of course, we drove around in Los Angeles and Orange counties visiting friends and churches.

From Los Angeles, we drove to Green River, Utah for 9 hours and continued to drive to Denver, Colorado the following day for 5 hours. We stopped over at Vail, one of the finest and the most famous ski resorts in Colorado.

When we returned a rental car on May 17th, the total mileage that we had added to the Chevy Impala was more than 4,000 miles or 6,400 km. Wow...

During the road trip, we saw snow capped mountains, gushing rivers, evergreen pine trees, high flying eagles, white clouds decorating blue skies in free style, dry but crisp deserts, endless flat plains, incredible cliff dwellings, vastly scattered fire-burned forest, cowboy families herding cows and sheep. We also experienced mineral hot springs at Pagosa Springs, saw friends and families, and tasted delicious foods. It was well worthwhile.

I don't think I will miss long-distance driving for a while.

We thanked God for His traveling mercy on us during the trip. - Jeffrey

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