Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Shalom Bible Study (SBS) in Transition...

On January 5th, 2001, Shalom Bible Study (SBS) finished a 3-month long study on "Jesus and Kingdom Life." This day was also the last bible study session for three of the members: Jooheum, Jihoon and Sangmin. They all are KOICA members and they are going back to Korea after their 2-year volunteer service in Rwanda. Their departure is the second time after Junghee went back to Korea a few weeks ago.

[This is how we started almost 2 years ago. me, Kristin, Jooheum, Jihoon and Sangmin.]

They were the founding members of SBS so my sadness was deep. Jooheum was sincere and faithful to his promises. Jihoon has shown significant growth in his faith. Sangmin led us in our praise and he was very steady. Despite our sadness, we remembered that we could not fellowship among ourselves forever. They were called away to be sent off to Korea. They all appreciated our fellowship and expressed their growth in faith and commitment to the Lord and His Kingdom life.

Jooheum is a PhD candidate, but he plans to complete a venture project first, which he was involved before he came to Rwanda. He is specialized in e-Business. Jihoon and Sangmin will go back to school to finish their college education in computer science.

Thus, SBS is now in transition. Currenty, SBS has Yurim, Anna and Missionary Hwang who have all recently joined us. Yurim is working in Nyamata in the South, an one-hour drive, and Anna is working in Ruhengeri, a two-hour drive. Missionary Hwang's recent addition is a blessing since we now can share the ministry. Additionally, Eunyoung and Seungbaik will be joining us from next week. They are volunteering also in Ruhengeri, so we will change the meeting date to Friday. Also, Minjung in Kigali will be joining us. Yeonhee and Heejung also want to join us, but I am not sure if our small living room will be big enough to accommodate them all. We will see...

It is a blessing that we are able to study the Word and grow together in our faith and commitment to the Lord. "Oh Lord, may the SBS continue to seek Your favor and blessing as a new group! May we witness a growth in our "Shalom" with ourselves, with You and with others!" Amen! - Jeffrey

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