Friday, January 14, 2011

MoU Signing Ceremony with all Business Unit Leaders

On Jan. 14th, we held a meeting with all business units to share the annual goals and sign MoUs with individual business units for their own goals and objectives.

These business unit leaders are the actors in the fields. We have lofty goals and objectives for 2011 to grow approximately 50% to achieve the sustainability and to scale up our transformation programs for clients. By the year-end, we plan to increase the number of clients that receive at least one training per month to 17,000. It is a challenging goal but we agreed to pursue it.

Also the branches will hold "UOB Nights" at least once a month to provide training for the clients.

I pray that the good Lord will be gracious to us in 2011 to achieve the goals we have established for ourselves and for our clients. - Jeffrey

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