Thursday, January 6, 2011

Health Education at Kininya Church...

On January 3rd and 4th, 2011, the first two business days of the New Year, Kristin conducted a seminar on body, sex and health for the men and women at Kininya Church. This church is pastored by Pastor Muhizi with the assistance of Missionary Bohye Kim from S. Korea. The church is located in Kininya, close to Kigali, but the way to the church is challenging particularly on a rainy day because of the muddy road that is even slanted. Once Kristin's car got stuck in the mud and it took quite bit of time and effort to get out of the mud.

Because of the gender difference, the education had to take place in two different groups on two different days. These people include many who are HIV/AIDS-positive, but they can control the worsening of the disease with proper attention. Youth was also included in the group, but some are more interested in avoiding pregnancy rather than abstaining from premarital sex. An on-going education with the gospel message seems to be the only answer to this issue, seeking the Holy Spirit's works in their hearts.

Thanks to a supporter's financial contribution, we were able to provide them with lunch. Many live with one meal a day and any extraordinary meal will be helpful to them. - Jeffrey

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