Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Health Education for Rwandan Women...

On October 26th and 27th, 2010, Kristin provided health education for two groups of Rwandan women, totaling almost 100, at a local church in Kininya, Kigali, shepherded by Pastor Muhizi. Approximately 30% of them are living with HIV/AIDS. Her education was the second time at this church following her education for young men and women several months ago.

Her education centered around women's reproductive system, menopause, HIV/AIDS and birth control. For healthy women, the focus of HIV/AIDS education was on preventing it and for those who have already contracted it, the focus was on how to manage it, particuluarly with pregnancy. Rwandans are generally shy and reserved, but they were asking many questions. One of the HIV/AIDS positive women was encouraged by the fact that she could manage the disease so that she could still take care of her children.

She also provided them with lunch boxes with the fund that was donated by a lady in Korea. As usual, there were a lot more people eating the food than attending the seminar. We trust that some of them will apply what they learned to their lives. - Jeffrey

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