Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A 4-month Study on God's Names, Titles, Metaphors and Descriptors...

On Wednesday, October 13th, we finished a bible study that lasted almost four months from June 12th. This study was about God's names, titles, descroptors and metaphors. We all were blessed greatly from studying and learning about them.
Elohim, El Elyon - God the Most High
Yawheh - God the Eternal
Jehovah Jireh - God the Provider
God the Almighty and the Warrior - El Shedai, Jehovah Nissi
God the Savior and the Redeemer
God the Abba Father
God of All Grace
God the Fortress and the Refugee
God the Holy and Righteous
God the Creator ...

Indeed, our God is omniscient, ompotent and omnipresent. Such God is not far away from us, but is indwelling us through the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Christ. And we can call Him Abba Father. What an honor and privilege it is... We must indeed confess, "He is all I need and all I want for my life." Our commitment to loving and serving Him has been strengthened through the bible study.

This study topic that we have just finished was the third one, after the Episle to the Romans and the Episle to the Ephesians. For the next study topic, we have agreed on "The Kingdom Life on Earth." May the good and faithful Lord continue to bless us and work in us through the bible study. - Jeffrey

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