Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Beautiful Bird Singing for us Every Morning...

Every morning, a bird comes and sings in our backyard. Her signing is so beautiful to be a live music to our ears, but also strong encough to wake us up. Her upbeat voice is also so empowering to cheer us up. Because of her, our morning turns bright and we can beging the day with a smile on our faces. Her singing voice is like "rolling a jade marble on a silver plate" as used in old Korean sayings in describing a voice that sounds the most beautiful.

I could not spot her for sometime, but on Saturday, October 16th, I was able to captuer her image in my camera. She was hopping and flying around so fast, thus making it pretty challenging to take a photo, but she was gracious enough to let me take these photos.

Thank you, Lord, for creating these beautiful creatures for our enjoyment. You are indeed God the Creator of all good lives and things in the world. We praise your name for ever and ever. - Jeffrey

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