Thursday, December 3, 2009 Partnership Approved...!!! is an web-based person-to-person micro credit lending platform. In other words, any individual or business in the world may lend his/her money, as little as $25, to the economically active poor people around the world through Kiva's implementing partners. You can view and review all the needs of the prospective micro businesses by country or by implementing partners on the internet. You choose the businesses you want to support and click to lend the amount of money that you want to. will send you notices of repayment and advise you of the money availability for re-lending or for return of the money if you choose to do so.

Why am I talking about it?
Today, UOB has just been approved as one of Kiva's implementing partners. It has been a long and rigorous process, but this approval news has made all the efforts worthwhile. We praise the Lord for His grace and provision.

Now, those who want to help the poor graduate from the chronic poverty, but somehow could not do, now can do it all at your fingertips. You do not need to travel a long distance to do it. You do not need to have a large sum of money to do it. You do not need to worry about accounting and collection, either. What a way to participate in the microfinance to help transform the lives of the poor! --- Jeffrey


Ji Bae said...

Mr. Lee, Congratulations! I had a job transfer to Cebu City, Philippines recently and I'm seeing how $2 or $25 can have an impact in the lives here.

Do you know of any microfinance organizations I can get involved in Cebu City?

Congrats again on your partnership!

jlee80111 said...

Hi Ji, thank you for your interst in helping the poor. I am not familiar with the city, but you can find out from It will show the list of all candidates. Best regards, JJL