Monday, June 17, 2013

UOB in a Book, "The International Bank of Bob"...

Bob Harris is an author.

He is an avid traveler also.

He likes micro finance and how it helps the poor graduate out of chronic poverty in developing countries. He is a long time serious individual lender through provides "Bob and Mary anywhere in the world" to lend small loans, from $25, to the poor in developing countries anywhere in the world. To learn more about, click here

He once was struck by the reality of the poor while he was in United Arab Emirates. He was there to make money, but he realized how many poor people suffer while the rich enjoy their lives.

He wanted to find out more about the reality of the poor life. He launched a journey.

For this journey, he decided to combine what he is good at doing, what he enjoys doing and what he believes he should be doing. He is good at writing, he enjoys traveling and he believes in what is doing.

He traveled a dozen or so countries to eyewitness how the micro lending really helps the poor. His findings were fascinating and thrilling. He put all these findings into a book, titled "The International Bank of Bob." It basically describes what people, anyone like "Bob" or "Mary", can lend to the poor through and its implementing partners around the world. In other words, anyone can be an international lender through this channel. Hence, The International Bank of Bob. Not the bank of Bob Harris.

UOB is the largest implementing partner for in the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa. Surprise? Bob came to Rwanda and really liked what is being done through UOB so much. So he allocated a whole chapter for UOB (Chapter Eight). We are deeply honored.

He is an excellent writer. His writings are fun and inspirational also. You will like it.

You can buy it at or Barnes & Noble for iTune or Kindle. To learn more, click here

Happy reading! - Jeffrey

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