Saturday, June 15, 2013

Faith, Family and Friends....

George Bush Senior, a former president of the U.S. once said that what he would consider most valuable in life are 3 F's. They are Faith, Family and Friends. I agree. Wholeheartedly.

They all have one thing in common. It is relationship.

Faith is for the right and restored relationship with the creator God and His Son, our Savior. Faith defines our spiritual identity that transcends this life on earth into eternity. This identity is defined not through how much we own, but through who we are. It is the spiritual foundation.

Family is for the basic relationship that defines our human identity on earth. Upwards. Downwards. Side-wards. Family is where we can taste the heaven. Love, caring, sharing, understanding, patience, growth, encouragement, happiness, unity in diversity. Family also includes the covenant family: the church.

Friends are for the basic relationship that defines our social identity. Friends are in upstream, downstream and parallel stream. Also, friends can be in deep relationship or shallow acquaintance. Friends listen, understand, encourage, guide, advise, share, laugh, weep together.

Faith, family and friends are all relational. Relationship is invisible. Relationship thus does not grow externally. It grows internally. It grows mature.

Mature faith deepens the relationship with God.
Mature relationship with family evidences deep care and patient love.
Mature relationship with friends grows into seasoned understanding and willing sacrifice.

Come to think of it, Jesus Christ is the only being who meets all three.

He is God and requires faith of us to establish the relationship.
He enabled us to be adopted into God's family through our faith in His redemptive cross.
He declared that he would call us His friends and willingly sacrificed His life to cleanse our sins on our behalf.

The more clear reason why I should love Him more and more. May my faith in Jesus, my family life through Jesus and my friendship with Jesus grow more mature everyday! - Jeffrey

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