Saturday, September 22, 2012

Church Nursery Project in Gicumbi...

Gicumbi in red color
Pastor Innocent
Gicumbi is one of the districts located in the Northern Province in Rwanda. Its old name was Byumba. Gicumbi's altitude is 2,300 meters high or higher and its terrain is pretty mountainous.

In Gicumbi, there is a church called PEFA Gicumbi that has approximately 120 adult members and 100 children. This church is ministered by a Rwandan pastor, Innocent (photoed), who is building a dream in educating young children, particularly 60 kids of five years old or younger.

Mud bricks under production
This 43 year-old pastor wants to build a nursery that provides basic education and care for little children who normally wander around on the streets and fields while their parents work in the fields. Pastor Innocent wants to build the nursery building with mud bricks. The church members have already started making mud bricks as shown in the photo. But he cannot afford to buy other construction materials, such as structural beams, concrete cements to lay the foundation for the building, window frames and iron sheets to cover the building. The construction cost is estimated to be $15,000 for two classrooms, including costs for basic necessities, such as blackboards, desks, chairs and school supplies.

The Lord has convicted me to be of help for Pastor Innocent and young children at PEFA Gicumbi Church. I would like to invite those whom the Lord is also convicting to help these young children in Gicumbi Rwanda to participate in raising funds for this project. Once the nursery project is going under way, Pastor Innocent hopes and prays to build additional classrooms for kindergarten and even primary schools to help out the underprivileged people of Rwanda whom he has been called to serve.

Would you be interested in helping this energetic and motivated pastor helping young Rwandan children?

Children of the church

We have deposit accounts set up in the U.S. and S. Korea to help you make contribution. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact me via e-mail (, skype (kristinlee) or facebook messenger (klee80111).

Thank you and may God bless you richly! - Kristin

"He who willingly gives away what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose is no fool." - Jim Eliott

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