Saturday, September 15, 2012

Borrowed Talents for UOB...

UOB has benefited tremendously from many borrowed talents. Other organizations call them interns or volunteers. I called them borrowed talents because they are indeed talents who have been borrowed from the first world. They play an important role in bridging the gap that exists in the human resources pool.
Sungeun, Roopa, me, Jeremiah, Jamie

Their roles are quite different from people to people. Some are exceptionally good with finance and analysis. Austin and Kyle were examples. Some excelled in power point presentations. Jinho and Sungeun fall into this category. Some were greatly talented in writing and editing. Jerimiah, Seungchul, Kristine were in this category. At any rate, these young people are talents whom I treasure so much.

Until recently, we had Jeremiah from the U.S. He is an MBA candidate from Oklahoma Christian University and has been helping us with designing and drawing workflows for mobile and branchless agent banking, plus helping us revising the Operations Procedures Manual. Jeremiah had worked at UOB for 10 weeks until end of August when he went back to the states to finish his MBA.

Roopa is an Indian lady who is currently living in France. She finished her master's degree in microfinance at a school in Belgium. Her work at UOB was an internship. She has also helped us with the preparation for the mobile banking and agent network development. She assisted us for two and half months until the end of August when she returned to France.
TJ, Jamie
U of S.F. research team
Jamie (Hyeonguk) Lee was a KOICA volunteer. He helped us primarily with the IT Team but later on he had also helped us serving the USD clients, particularly KOICA clients and Korean Embassy. He had worked for UOB for 18 months until early September when he returned to Korea.

Sungeun Choi (Uwineza) is an intern from Merry Year International in Korea. She came to Rwanda in July to work for UOB for a year. Her primary assignment is helping design, develop and implement a secondary student tuition fee loan product in cooperation with UOB and also introduced a web-based individual lending program, called "Story Money" in S. Korea. She is also trained in other areas of microfinance. 
Jackie on Umuganda Day
Jinho and Seungchul 2009
 There were many more borrowed talents whom I cannot name all here: Austin, Kyle, Jared, Patrick, Whitney, Michelle, Maurice, Jinho, TJ, Seungchul, Jackie, Kristine etc. I am so thankful to the Lord who has supplied all these talents timely and appropriately. Their contributions have been tremendous and will be remembered for long. Thank you! - Jeffrey

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