Saturday, April 24, 2010

6,303 Bibles Distributed...

UOB has distributed 6,303 Kinyarwanda bibles (Biblia Yera = Holy Bible) to the committee members of community banking trust groups. These bibles were gifts for them as token of appreciation for their dedication in leading the trust groups. They validate the profiles of members, organize the group and conduct group activities regularly. They are the essence of community banking.

Some are not Christians, but they appreciate the gifts. We pray that the Holy Spirit may work in their hearts to be receptive to the truth and to meet Jesus who is the Truth. We also pray that the Holy Spirit will help Christian leaders grow mature in their faith and experience transformational impact in their lives through the Word.

These bibles have been purchased with the funding from Hope International, a Christian microfinance organization and one of UOB's stakeholders. Many thanks!
- Jeffrey

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