Sunday, April 11, 2010

Transformation through Meeting the Resurrected Christ...

On Sunday, April 11th, I had the privilege of sharing the message, titled "Transformation through Meeting the Resurrected Christ at St. Etinne Cathedral in Kigali. The scriptures used for the sermon were Luke 24:13-35 and Acts 1:3-8.

I shared the testimonial about two great men in Christianity: Peter and Paul. The focus was how drastically their lives were transformed. It was not when Jesus was still alive, but after they met the risen Lord. Two disciples who were going back to Emmaus after they were saddened to witness the death of Jesus. They were disappointed and depressed about His death despite the news about His resurrection. Their hearts were burning when Jesus opened the scriptures in their dialogues although they recognized Him only after they saw Him break the bread.

We as the followers of Jesus must meet the resurrected Christ. We could truly transform our hearts only after we meet Him. After the disciples met the risen Lord, they became fearless and bold warriors of the gospel! Their encounter with the risen Lord was even more empowered by the Holy Spirit. Oh what a wonderful message! We all need to meet Him and experience the power of the Holy Spirit. Only then, we would be able to witness the risen Lord with the gospel of hope and salvation to the ends of the earth! May this truth be a blessing to you all, too!
- Jeffrey

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