Saturday, November 7, 2009

New Hope Homes...

New Hope Homes is a ministry of Christian African Leadership Ministry or CALM in Rwanda. New Hope Homes is ministering to orphans, but in a Christian family environment. Each house has a mom and three aunts who take care of them like their own children. The children are treated like they are growing up in their own homes. Currently, New Hope Homes has three houses and plan to build two more in 2010.

On Saturday, November 7, 2009, Kristin started to visit New Hope Homes to minister to the orphans together with young volunteers from S. Korea. They played with them, making baloons, painting on their faces, making paperkrafts. They also told them bible stories and showed them movies. More than anything, they needed love. They needed someone who plays with them. Young Korean volunteers (KOICA) were sincerely ministering to them. What a bright smile they had after they spent several hours together!
Kristin plans to continue ministering to them regularly. She is also considering getting involved in other CALM ministries. Please pray for many orphans in Rwanda who need someone else's caring until they grow up to be self-sustainable. - Jeffrey


In Kim said...

Rev. Justin Suh came by our church last week. He is CEO of Compassion International in Korea. He told us he got so passionate about the organization he accepted the position instead of teaching jobs in USA. I will find out when he is in Rwanda and let you know.

jlee80111 said...

Hi In
Actually I saw him in January this year while I was in Korea. I have met the Africa Regional VP, East Africa Director as well as the country director of Compassion International. So we are building up the relationship with Compassion, I even wrote an article for Compassion Korea's magazine. Good to hear from you, brother. Shalom! JJL