Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Care Package.... What a Joyous Gift!

Kristin and I received two care packages back to back on Monday and Tuesday. One was from my friends in New York (Mamokhwe)and the other from a church small group, called Habaneros, who are our prayer supporters at the Logos Central Chapel in Denver, CO. What a great joy it was to receive such surprise gifts!

They were full of precious goodies, kitchen necessities, children's clothes that can be used for our outreach to the orphans and books that will enrich our minds. It took one of the packages several weeks to arrive, but we were so grateful that they both arrived! Praise the Lord! Rwanda's mail system is still under development and it is not reliable.

Thank you, my friends in New York and the Habaneros, for your love! We much appreciated the contents, but your caring hearts were even more appreciated. THANK YOU! - Jeffrey

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