Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Zanzibar (3) ... Incredible Beaches...

I had heard wonderful things about the white sand, emerald water, coral reef, cobalt sky and quiet beaches of Zanzibar. So I had high expectations. But when I saw the beaches on the East Coast of the Zanzibar, ahhhh.... It was beyond my expectations. It was so picturesque that it was just a post card. A fantabulous one. (My children's expression when they were little.)

The panoramic scenery alone made our trip to Zanzibar worthwhile.

The water near the shore was a clean emeral color and you could see the sand through the water. That clean emerald water stretched quite far out and you could see the blue color Indian ocean. In between, the ocean wave was breaking. There must be the coral reefs. It was so far out that you could barely see the breaking white water. I had never seen anything like it before. Wow... could not close my mouth for a while.
I felt sorry that I could not put all the purity, beauty and serenity into a pragmatically functional digital camera. But I praised the wonderful God who is the creator of all beauty and goodness. - Jeffrey

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