Saturday, September 19, 2009

Anyone Interested in Kingdom Business in Rwanda?

Kingdom Business is a business that is dedicated to the Lord's Kingdom. You may take the nominal and legal ownership, but the purpose, mission and vision of the business is all for the Kingdom. Deeply rooted to the principles of Jesus Christ, a Kingdom Business aims to be run in a godly way with all profit dedicated to the Kingdom.

Microfinance is to assist microenterprise owners to graduate from chronic poverty. The main objective is to achieve an economic transformation.

Christian microfinance is to assist microenterprise owners not only to graduate from chrinic poverty (ecnomic transformation) but also to restore his/her relationship with self and others (social transformation) and to restore his/her authentic relationship with the Creator God and subsequently with neighbors. (spiritual transformation)

Microenterprise owners often get stuck with their retail trade businesses, such as selling fruits and vegetables on market days or by the streets, selling limited grocery items in a tiny store. This is primarily because they do not know any other businesses or because, even if they do, most of them are afraid of trying any other business. There is a great need to help develop and introduce other viable business opportunities for these poor people. This process is called "microenterprise development" or MED.

If the MED is conducted by a Christian and for the glory of the Christ, it is called Christian MED or CMED. This work may be carried out by NGOs. I desire to see that this CMED is carried out by a Kingdom businessman through a Kingdom Business because it would be signficantly more effective than otherwise.

At UOB, more than 80% of the 33,000 borrowing microenterprise clients are involved in retail trade services. I am prayerfully waiting for God's sending us some Kingdom businessmen and businesswomen who desire to serve the Lord through Kingdom Businesses. There are a lot of opportunities that can be done for the poor and ultimately for His glory. Moreover, the Kingdom businessmen and businesswomen would experience the divine blessings in the process through the heavenly peace and joy.

Is there anyone out there who hears God's calling? - Jeffrey


Ji Bae said...

Hi Jeffrey, thanks for your book recommendation. This book seems very applicable to the work I am planning with a community in Nicaragua.

I'm looking to partner with a microcredit institution to sponsor a summer internship/leadership development program for future leaders. If possible, I'd like to connect with UOB as well in the future. (here is a draft of the plan I'm currently proposing with a bank in Nicaragua - I look forward to keeping this dialog with you.

BTW, your blog has really been an inspiration to me and to the members of my church. Thank you!

jlee80111 said...

Hi Ji Bae, Thank you for the comments. I would love to continue the dialogue also. Praise the Lord who is blessing His people through the blog! Thank you for the encoudragements. - JJL