Friday, May 15, 2009

A Trip to the U.S...

On May 13th, Kristin and I left Kigali to travel to the U.S. Currently we are staying in New Jersey. The primary purpose of our trip is to celebrate Joyce's graduation from U Penn in Philadelphia on May 17th and 18th, and to celebrate Amanda's wedding to take place in Colorado on May 30th. I will be leaving New York on June 1st to come back to Rwanda, but Kristin will stay a little longer to finish her medical project with University of Colorado until July 10th.

When Kristin returns, she will be working with the nursing staff at King Faisal Hospital in Kigali to help them upgrade the occupational health program and infectional disease control program. She will work on building up the capacity of the staff fto develop sustainable programs. Please pray with us for her new ministry.

While we are in the states, I will be speaking to various groups of people. They are:

* Keynote speech at Beautiful Foundation's annual gala in Fort Lee, NJ (May 15th)
* Speech at two Presbyterian churches in Memphis, TN (May 21st and 22nd)
* Speech to a banker's group in Memphis, TN (May 22nd)
* Speech to a group of professionals and "half-timers" in Memphis, TN (May 21st)
* Speech to a few small groups in Memphis, TN (May 22nd and 23rd)
* Preaching to Jubilee Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, PA (May 24th)

We are grateful to the Lord for His guidance and protection that Joyce has had for the past four years. We are also deeply grateful for His nurturing of Amanda to grow up to get married. But, Joyce is still looking for a job and Amanda will need a lot of guidance in her new journey in Little Rock, Arkansas where she has been assigned to work. For Joyce and Amanda, may I seek your intercession?

Please pray also for the traveling grace upon us, His divine wisdom for me to say the right words when I speak to different peopole, and the Holy Spirit's strong impact on the people to who I will be speaking. - Jeffrey

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