Tuesday, December 9, 2008

(D-53) Rwanda Ministry Partners - CA

Last week, Kristin and I had a trip to Los Angeles. On Saturday, I had breakfast with a lawyer couple who are still seeking a God-provided opportunity of ministry. The husband is a prominent real estate lawyer and a son of a prominent Christian pastor. We had a great fellowship time.

In the evening, we hosted a dinner for Rwanda Ministry Partners (RMP) in California. Many are old friends of the Oriental Mission Church. It was a great joy to see them again and to share with them how God has been leading us to this point and to Rwand. It is purely the grace of God!

This group of friends includes a former bank CEO, a current CEO of a large financial institution, dean of a seminary, a senior pastor of a local church, a medical doctor who plans to go to Ethiopia for medical ministry next year, five nurses, a bank senior officer, a seminary student, an aerospace engineer, a few businessmen and several others who are spouses of our friends. What a wonderfu bunch of godly people! It was truly a blessing to have their commitments to supporting our ministry in Rwanda in prayer, which will be the greatest support that we will need for our ministry. Look at their Christlike smiles! There are many others who could be not be there because of conflict, but who will join us with their prayer support. Praise the Lord!

Please pray that:

* the Lord will continue to increase the prayer supporters;
* the Lord will bless them so that they have more testimonials about God's grace; and
* the Lord will answer their prayers in order for His glory to be unveiled.

Praise God for His faithful provision of the prayer warriors for His Kingdom and His glory!
- Jeffrey

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