Sunday, December 28, 2008

(D-34) Surprise! Amanda is now engaged!

We had a family reunion in Englewood, CO over the Christmas. On the 26th of December, James Hansen asked for my permission to marry Amanda. That evening, James proposed to Amanda to marry him and Amanda accepted the proposal. Praise God for the wonderful and exciting news to our family! Now I know that God had another reason for the delay in our departure for Rwanda until January 2009: he wanted us to experience this moment of excitement.

Both James and Amanda have graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy. James is the class of 2007 and Amanda is the class of 2008. James is now in pilot training in Oklahoma while Amanda is in inteligence training in Texas. They hoped to be stationed at the same location after their trainings are over in May for Amanda and in August for James. They both love and worship Jesus as their Savior and Lord. At their request, today (December 27) I have reviewed the biblical principles for Christian financial stewardship so that they may establish their understanding of stewardship printicples on the right foundation. Praise the Lord for their desire to learn the stewardship principles and to develop their biblical lifestyle. They have been dating for the past two and half years. They have proudly kept their relationship pure and I am happy to bless their engagement for marriage.

Amanda is our first child and thus we do not have any experience in getting our children married. We have heard several tips, but without direct experience Kristin and I feel lost somewhat. What makes the matters a little more complicated is the logistics. They plan to get married in Denver, CO in May 2009 as soon as Amanda finishes her training and while Kristin and I will be back to the states to attend the graduation ceremony for Joyce in May. So all preparation will have to be done remotely since Kris and I will be in Rwanda, Amanda will be in Texas, James will be in Oklahoma while the wedding will take place in Colorado. Oh boy...

These issues will somehow find their answers and solutions as time goes by. For the moment, we are excited about the great news and about the change in our family dynamics, which will result from Amanda's marriage. We will have a new son!

Please pray that:

* the good Lord will walk with them in their wedding preparation process remotely while they continue their training;
* the good Lord will bond their love and commitment more strongly while they go through the preparation and when they begin a new life as a couple; and
* the good Lord will help them learn the biblical principles in financial management correctly and apply them to their lives to be living witnesses to the world.

It is the awesome God who has prepared all these blessings in advance to give us joy and excitement. Praise the Lord! - Jeffrey


In Kim said...

Congratulation! I am happy for you. Especially he is a fighter pilot. You need to connect him with me. We can talk about planes. Ha ha ha.

Jeano (a.k.a. Uncle Ben) said...

What a great way to end the year! Congratulations! I don't think there can be many other happier events that can top Amanda's engagement, but I'm sure it is a prelude to many good things to follow in future.