Monday, November 18, 2013

Yaramba Nursery Open House...

One of two classrooms
On Saturday, November 16th, 2013, there was an Open House celebration at Yaramba Nursery. It has brought the closure to the phase one of this long outstanding project.

Jeffrey and I traveled with several supporters to Yramaba, Gicumbi despite the rain. They included Missionary Bohye Kim, Mrs. Noh, Missionary Yujin Oh and Bin Kim.

Originally, the school was planned to open by end of August after the summer VBS, but the school was unsuccessful in recruiting qualified teachers. So now the school opening has been rescheduled for January 2014. The school has now recruited one male teacher and two assistants. They plan to recruit another female teacher who will run the school. To date, 37 young children have signed up for the January 2014 class.

For the next one year, Kristin will teach English to the little children once a week. Missionary Bohye Kim will teach them bible stories. The school is mandated to be operationally sustainable in one year. During this one year period, any deficit will be financially supported. That is the way the school becomes operationally sustainable.

I have included some photos that highlight the celebration at Yaramba Nursery in Gicumbi. Thank you all for all your financial and prayer support. Now we dedicate this nursery to the Lord and His blessing. Please continue to remember to pray for the children to be educated at this nursery and for the teachers who will be prayerfully teaching young children to be useful for the Kingdom of God. - Kristin

Children Eating Food

Children Lined Up, the first lesson

I Love God, I Love Rwanda and I Love Yaramba

Playground in the back. It will be later furnished.

The Other Classroom.

Cubbies for Children

Yaramba Nursery from the back

Yaramba Nursery from the front next to the church

Pastor Innocent praying for benediction

Two happy mothers about the nursery 

One of the first registrants at Yaramba Nursery

Four happy children, probably because of the food for now...

Pastor Innocent, Bin, Yujin, me, Mrs. Noh, Pastor Muhizi, Missionary Bohye Kim

Jeffrey with four happy children in the background

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