Saturday, April 13, 2013

500 Teachers Bible for Pastors in Rwanda...

We have been able to secure 500 Teacher's Bibles at reasonable costs through PEACE Plan of Saddle Back Church in California. These are like a mini version of commentary bible. They should be useful for teachers and pastors.

We are distributing these bibles to pastors at seven Christian denominations in Rwanda. They include Assembly of God, Methodists, PEFA, Anglican Churches (Kigali and Shyrah dioceses), Presbyterians, Friends etc.

We trust that these bibles will equip and strengthen the pastors (and some teachers) so that they may be able to teach their congregation members with greater impact.

Thus far, UOB has distributed 6,000 Kinyarwandan bibles, 7,000 English bibles and now 500 Teacher's Bibles.

May the Word of God be proclaimed boldly to all Rwandans more powerfully than before! - Jeffrey

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Unknown said...

I wanted to tell you about our website, - which I trust will be helpful to people studying the Bible in Rwanda.

It has several hundred pages of Bible studies, most of them in EasyEnglish so that they are especially clear to understand, even for many people whose first language is not English. There is a strong Gospel emphasis throughout. Please tell people about it if you like it.

Thank you, Keith Simons