Saturday, December 29, 2012

Shalom Bible Study 2012

Class on December 28th 2012
As we see the year 2012 now fading away into the past, I reflect on Shalom Bible Study (SBS). SBS has been one of the primary spiritual blessings that I have received in 2012. It has kept me awake and on the tip toe to prepare for the class diligently. For that I am deeply grateful to God and to the SBS members.

I have witnessed substantial changes in the attitudes of SBS members in loving and serving the Lord. I clearly saw increased commitments to their faith among many of them. I trust we all grow together in our faith and maturity in faith.

In 2012, SBS covered several topics including "Beatitudes",  "Believers' Full Armour of God." Currently we are studying "Colossians."

As a group, we also participated in other activities, such as Carol Service at St. Etienne and special song at Agape Korean Church. (Photos). In 2012, we climbed Mt. Kabuye together as part of farewell to four members who left at the same time. Our farewell is not simply saying good-bye. It is a commissioning of them to a new ministry field in Korea. Many are still connected through e-mails and SBS study materials. It is encouraging to see them live a godly life.

Special Song at Agape Korean Church
In 2012, several people have left SBS to go back to Korea. Isaac, Saangkeub, Min-Jung, Anna, Yurim, Hyosu, Minki. There were several visitors also. Booyeol, Jinbo, Nahae, Jason, Jennifer, In October, I had a reunion with former SBS members over lunch in Seoul and I had great joy of seeing eight of them again. Min-Jung, Anna, Yurim, Hyosu, Isaac, Saangkeub, Jihun and Sangmin. Oh what a joy it was!

We also received many new comers. Jihyun, Youngsup, Jaejoon, Sungeun, Jonghak and Keunwha. They all are lovely people of God and I love them thoroughly.
Christmas Dinner

As usual, we gathered together to celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus on the Christmas Day. We had a fabulous dinner and great fellowship over card game, domino game and others.

Yesterday, December 28th, we had the last class for 2012. All attended the class, except for Se-Jun Park who is visiting his family in
Carol Song at St. Etienne Cathedral
Kenya, and one visitor, Jungwha, also attended. Here is the photo. I am so grateful to God for His unfailing grace in holding us together and growing mature in our faith in 2012. I pray that His grace may continue to be upon us as we put our feet into the new year 2013! Until we will witness God's complete Shalom restored in His Kingdom and on this earth! - Jeffrey  

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