Tuesday, December 25, 2012

DFID Rwanda... Innovation for Education

Nathan and Kamari, Dir of Lending UOB
UOB received approval on its funding proposal to DFID Rwanda under its Innovation for Education (ifE) program. This proposal, approved for GBP610,000 is to introduce an innovative way to promote education in Rwanda through holistic approaches over the next 28 months. This has been made possible because OI UK program team (Deborah and Sally) and Director Edu Finance in Africa (Nathan) have worked tirelessly and selflessly to secure this resource for UOB. Praise the Lord!

DFID stands for Department of Finance for International Development, UK's international development agency.

Under this program, UOB will implement a) school development loans and education for school entrepreneurs or "edupreneurs" as some people call them, b) school tuition fee loans and education for parents and c) children financial education. UOB's program thus is holistic towards innovative education using multi-pronged approaches.

To implement this program effectively, UOB has hired a Manager of EduFinance who has experiences in both banking and education. We are excited about this opportunity to be part of Rwanda's education improvement process.

We praise the Lord who always provides sufficiently to meet the needs. May we seek God's favor in implementing this program effectively. - Jeffrey

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