Sunday, November 11, 2012

First Aid Training for Women in Kanagi...

On November 8, 2012, Thursday, I (Kristin) had an opportunity to provide training on First Aid for Rwandan women at a 3-day seminar for women in a village called Kanagi, Bugesera District, Eastern Province. 

The seminar, organized by a Korean missionary, was mainly for the wives of pastors ministering in the area. The seminar included praise, the Word, prayer, seminars and sharing in order to provide  encouragement. They shared their joy and pain coming from their ministries, thus touching and healing each other.  

In addition to the planned training on First Aid, we had a fellowship session over zucchini chocolate cake that I baked for them. Some of them said that it was their first time to taste something like it. It was great joy to see their smile over a little treat like it. May the Lord bless them with the divine peace! - Kristin

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