Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Funding Proposal to IFC

In June, UOB submitted a funding proposal to IFC (International Finance Corporation). This proposal is to develop and implement mobile and agent banking to accelerate the outreach to rural areas. To achieve an effective implementation, it is essential to develop a well-designed agent network through which clients may have access to cash deposit and withdrawal.

The agent network design includes an accurate cost model and a solid pricing model so that the pricing is affordable to clients while the commission schedule is attractive to the agents. It is tough, but it is a mandate.

If our proposal is accepted, the funding will make this tough task more easily implemented.

To date, God has already given us a lot of favor through dedicated people, financial resources and technical support. But success is still a long way to go. We begin to see the mountain height and the cliff depth along the way. But we are determined with the commitment to the mission to help expand the outreach. We will get there eventually, only if God's blessing is upon us and the project.
I pray that God will shine His face upon us. - Jeffrey

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