Tuesday, May 29, 2012

HOPE Leadership Summit...

MCC Logo, a symbol of life style Christianity
I attended HOPE Leadership Summit from May 17 through 22, which took place at Mennonite Central Center in Akron, PA.

This annual leadership invites the leadership of HOPE-led MFIs or HOPE's partner MFIs that are providing Christian micro finance in 16 developing countries around the world, to worship God together, to recharge, to refocus and to learn from each other. This year's theme was SELAH, as shown in many Pslams and Habakkuk. It means to stop and listen, to pause, to reflect, to refocus.
Jonah at Sights and Sound Theater

We tend to think that what we have been doing is what we are supposed to be doing. In reality, we may be doing what we are doing because that is what we believe we should be doing even when we may have drifted away from our own mission. When we are in the midst of doing something, we may not be able to discern what is right and wrong. In this sense, it was a good session of reflection corporately as well as individually.

In addition to the learning and fellowship, I had two other favorite findings: the Mennonite Central Committee logo and the Sights and Sound Theater Musical: Jonah.

Sights and Sound Theater packed...
The conference took place at the Mennonite Central Committee Welcoming Center. I like its logo very much. It shows a dove, symbolizing peace, on the front and at the tail end there is the cross. It means to me that in Christianity we must seek peace with everyone, if possible at all, and Christ should be revealed or exposed through our life style. It reminds me of someone's saying: "Evangelize always. Use the Word when necessary."

My most memorable program at the summit has always been the musical at the Sights and Sound Theater. This year, they showed Jonah. The production uses the entire theater hall as well as the stages. At one point in time, a humongous whale or fish swam around the the hall over the people's heads. It was an amazing scene that I have never seen anywhere else. The scale, the songs, the acts, the plot, and everything else were just wonderful. No wonder the tickets are sold out for months even after several months of showing at this giant theater that can house probably 1,500 people. People are coming from New York to the Lancaster County where Sights and Sound Theater is located just to watch this Christian musical. Sights and Sound Theater is where the bible comes to life and they do nothing but Christian musical. It is a God-ordained ministry. Last year, we watched Joseph and the year before we watched Psalms of David. All of them were great but this year was the pinnacle. Thank you, Lord, for the wonderful opportunity! - Jeffrey  

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