Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Welcome Home! Annual Leave 2012...

Kristin and I had a 5-week long leave that included a week-long conference, a tour to several European countries and a visit with friends and family in the U.S. Based on the number of countries visited, we visited 10 countries. Wow...

Travel is always refreshing in a sense that we get to visit new places, meet new people and see new things. This trip led us to visit many new places and see new things (many are old but new to us), making us praise the Jehovah God, the Creator of all. We also met new people of different beliefs and cultures. Some we liked, others we disliked. Nonetheless, they were new experiences, enriching our knowledge of the world.

  • We visited many new cities in Europe, seeing and experiencing new countries, new people and new things.
  • We watched a new Christian musical, Jonah, at the Sights and Sound Theater, praising the Lord for His mercy and sacrifice to give us a new life.
  • We met an Amish family and had lunch at their home, a new experience.
  • We met some new people at different places, listening to them and learning new perspectives.

But travel is also renewing our old memories in a sense that we get to see the same things we already know from a different perspective, thus widening our perspectives. The same is applicable to people relationships. You get to know new aspects of people, thus renewing the relationships. I admit at times the new knowledge of people worsens the relationship, but many existing relationship get enriched through learning more about them.

  • We had a family reunion in Denver with Amanda and her husband James, and Joyce. It was over brunch on Mother's Day. It was an excellent opportunity to solidifying our bonding relationship.
  • We saw many old friends, sharing how God has been working in and through us, renewing and expanding our friendship.
  • We received medical and dental check-ups and both received a clean bill of health, praising the Lord for renewing and strengthening our bodies. 
  • We saw Kristin's mother who is at a nursing home after she suffered from a couple of strokes. She still cannot talk, thus not allowing us to verbally communicate, and cannot eat, thus being fed through a tube, but we both found her in a lot better condition than last year. We thanked the Lord for His grace over her health, renewing our faith in His ability to heal. 
  • Lastly but not least, we had our assets stolen in the train to Amsterdam but completely recovered miraculously, renewing our trust in the Lord who is always good in His terms.  
Overall, the annual leave for the year 2012 was filled with joy and excitements. Moreover, we found our home kept intact the way we left. Praise the Lord! Now it is time to get back to work to love and serve God and people. Welcome Home! - Jeffrey 

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