Sunday, November 21, 2010

UOB Leadership Retreat 2010...

On Saturday and Sunday (November 20th and 21st) we held UOB Leadership Retreat at 2010 at La Palisse Gashora by a small lake in Gashora, Bugesera. It is a serene and beautiful place. 47 people participated in the retreat.

We started with a praise and prayer. I shared a scripture and message about "Growing up into Him together in love" based on Eph. 4:11-16. The message focused on building up teamwork and team spirit through forgiveness and reconciliation.

Soon after a tea break, I shared with them the bank's 2011-2013 Strategic Plan and 2011 Budget. Many questions ensued and so did heated debates. But we all shared the challenges we face and the lofty goals we have to target.

After lunch, we continued with the transformation plan that included showing a DVD on financial literacy to be developed and shared with our clients, reviewing statistics on HLI training for our clients by EBU. There were several questions and challenges that they face in conducting the HLI training in the field.

Volley ball games and soccer (alright... football) games followed the afternoon session. It was great fun to play the games although my body was not exactly in line with my desire.

On Sunday, we prayed together with several requests to the Lord and worshiped God together. We all participated in the communion led by Orren who is Director of Kigali EBU but also Pastor of a local church. After all we are brothers and sisters in Christ as His body and reaffirmed our commitment to loving and serving Him and His Kingdom. We reassured ourselves that our work is the ministry to serve the poor.

Daniel, Manager of Transformational Impact led a presentation and discussion about "Second Chair Leadership." It was a blessing to me since it helped realize we all have the "Second Chair Leader" responsibility along with the "First Chair Leader" responsibility. Although I am CEO for UOB, I submit spiritually to the Lord and administratively to the OI Africa CEO and the UOB Board. Every leader should realize these dual responsibilities and carry them out responsibly.

May God bless our ministry! - Jeffrey

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