Friday, February 19, 2010

Teaching Women How to Bead ...

The Lord has led me (Kristin) to start ministering to a group of poor women including many women who live with the HIV positive. They all attend a local church in Kininya, outside Kigali (Pentecostal Evangelical Fellowship Assembly). Along with a missionary from Korea, Bohye Kim, we started teaching them how to make beads. The first attempt was to make bracelets. Many showed great interest, but little showed good talent. Well.... we will have to lower the expectation.

We held the first lesson on Feb. 9th and the second on 16th. We plan to give them equal opportunities to learn first. After several lessons, we will pick some who show talent and/or potential to develop more, and train them more intensively to be able to make sellable merchandise. This will help them improve their economic lives themselves. It is a developmental work.

Providing them with market access is another challenge, but we will have to train them first to be commercially good enough. Once they become good and we trust some will, we trust that the Lord will prepare the way for the next step.

It will be a long journey, but didn't someone say this? "Beginning is a half way done."

Prayer warriors, we will need your prayer support for the beginning steps of the long journey.
- Kristin

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