Saturday, February 6, 2010

"Opensky", a Creative Tehnology Solution to Outreach

The sky is wide open for possibilities. The sky is the limit!

That is where the name "Opensky" was originated. It is UOB's proprietary product!

It is a NetBook computer with a 3G GPRS communication device, webcamera, biometrics device and a mobile printer. It will cost less than $1,000, but its potentials are wide open like the sky. It enables us to conduct banking transactions even under a mango tree where no power and no internet access is available. Nope! We do not use the internet.

Well.... I cannot disclose too much in writing, but I can describe what it can do now and in the future.

1. It enables us to conduct banking operations (deposit, withdrawal and loan payment) in real time at the mobile branch without power and internet access. It is now working! (See another blogpost on this mobile branch.)
2. It enables the field staff to send and receive e-mails anywhere the cell phone signal is available.
3. It enables the field staff to process loan payment at the group meeting and send the data to the home office for processing.
4. It enables the field staff to answer all inquires from their clients at the group meeting.
5. It enables us to disburse loan proceeds almost anywhere cash is available.
6. It enables us to trace where our field staff has gone during the day through GPS tracking.
7. It enables us to process and issue an insurance binder on site in communication with the home office system.
8. It enables us to get an instant answer to a credit scoring inquiry.
9. It enables us to implement agent banking or "branchless banking" anywhere in the country for cash withdrawal and possibly deposit taking, if the regulatory agency allows.
10. It enables us to open the branch pretty much anywhere in the country as long as the business feasibility makes sense.
What an innovative solution it is! It is indeed a gift of God for us to be able to accelerate the client outreach through this technologically innovative solution. Praise the Lord! - Jeffrey

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