Saturday, February 21, 2009

Devotion Time at Work...

I have already written before that we hold two devotion times every week: Mondays and Fridays. In the regions, they hold their own and at the head office we hold it in the backyard.

It is great that we begin the work week with the worship and end the week with the worship. They sing Kinyarwandan songs. I do not know the meaning, but I am able to lipsing about 75%. I am getting more used to the pronumciation. There is a choir. They sing a song or two, and it is beautiful. They memorize the lyrics. Sometimes they sing even without musical instruments. They practice after work or over the weekend, giving their talent as well as time, at the work place. Their rythmical swing is so smooth. Music is so natural to Africans. They are precious: Odette, Rosine, Francine, Solange, Dorothy, Marie, Lydia, Pelagie etc.

During the message time, a bilingual employee usually sits next to me or any other non-Rwandan guests for interpretation. Usually Daniel, Transformation Manager, is my interpretor. Among the speakers, I like Orren, the Kigali Regional Manager. He is an ordained pastor. He delivers the message about 2-3 times a month. I have pledged to speak at least once a month.

Somday I would like to be able to not only listen to the message in Kinyarwanda but also preach in Kinyarwanda. It is a challenge because it is a difficult language, but Lord's willing, I will be able to. Kristin and I will start taking lessons from Wednesday next week. The teacher's name is Silas. He is also an ordained pastor. I really look forward to the lessons. - Jeffrey

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