Friday, December 25, 2015

The Graduation...

The beginning ultimately ends. Sooner or later.

My service with Urwego Opportunity Bank in Rwanda ended on May 1st, 2014.

Then I had a sabbatical year, reading, resting, reflecting and re-focusing.

Meanwhile, I dabbled here and there.

I took a teaching job at a Christian university, Handong, in Korea. But, it has fizzed out.

As part of Opportunity International's governance and regional management team, I have been helping the leadership at Opportunity's micro financial institutions in four African countries: Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and DR Congo. I still am, but it will also fade out.

I have been helping several government organizations and non-government organizations with consulting services. I may still continue this job from time to time, but not as a regular job.

I have been teaching at BAM consultations and BAM academy, mentoring BAM practitioners in several countries. This has been gradually and steadily accelerating.

Meanwhile, the Lord has helped me open my eyes for His plan in store for my life: starting a new ministry to support BAMs in Asia and Africa with resources mobilized from the U.S. and Korea.

So, a new ministry has been born.

This ministry is called SfK Ministries that was established in October 2015. SfK stands for Synergy for the Kingdom (of God.)

This ministry still involves but goes beyond Rwanda.

Thus, this blog is graduating... but only to a new blog.

Graduation signifies commencement. A new beginning.

Thank you all who have read and commented on this blog for your interest. You may continue to follow and read my posts on the new blog: If you want to check out the new blog, Click here. - Jeffrey

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