Thursday, March 13, 2014

Chicken Coop Project in Senegal... Update #1

I have shared Joyce Lee's (our daughter who is serving as Peace Corps volunteer just in case you do not know who she is) chicken coop project as her last project in Senegal. Here is her update #1 and it is encouraging. - Jeffrey

Hello from Senegal--

The Harmattan wind is having its last hurrah so it's quite dusty here. But the mangos are in bloom and we are making progress on the chicken coop.

First step: making bricks. Use a pick axe to dig up some dirt, add water, walk through the dirt/water combo until you have mud (think Lucille Ball stomping on grapes--actually this could be the next spa sensation of the West). Slap it around in a wooden frame until you have a brick. Let it dry for two days. Then repeat, 3000 times. 

The other pre-construction step is to look for rocks for the foundation, two trucks or 30 horse carts full. We have been feeding the horses extra to bulk up for the heavy loads. The masons and the villagers are now hard at work putting it all together. It's a bit slow going as everyone at this farm is doing this on top of regular work (pulling water out of the well, watering, harvesting vegetables, etc.).

But below are some photos for your viewing pleasure. Apologies for the lack of furry friends in this update, hopefully next time.

Until then,

Inline image 2
Setting the scene: the farm. The coop is being built in the back left corner.

Inline image 1
See? Bricks drying at the construction site.

Inline image 3
The mud stomping ground and source of the bricks. Note the horses hulking up in the distance.

Inline image 4
Brick molds and some "boytown" (aka fly) sneakers.

Inline image 5
Abdou, frequent wielder of the pickaxe and hunter of rocks, poses by the fruits of his labor.

Inline image 8
Digging the foundation.

Inline image 9
Foundation in place, the walls are now on their way.

Inline image 6
Other action on the farm: onion harvesting.

Inline image 7
Burgeoning mangoes, an indication that the hot season is en route

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