Friday, September 20, 2013

Trip to Korea... (September 2013)

Kristin and I made a trip to Korea in September 2013.

The primary purpose of the trip was to attend a week-long BAM Consultation. For more details, click here The scenery at Mt. Seorak was spectacular particular with the white clouds. For more photos of Mt. Seorak, click here

We also made an overnight trip to Pohang to speak to a group of people at Pohang Joy Church, the largest congregation in the city. I talked about why I went to Rwanda and BAM. God blessed us all through this session. I was also encouraged and challenged by the warm response from the attendees.

But it was rejoicing to see our families and friends over various occasions, usually over meals. Talking about the past and the present carry a little different context, but they are fun and exciting, nonetheless. Even in Pohang, we saw some old friends, including SBS (Shalom Bible Study) alumni who traveled from Busan: Minjung and Eunyoung. In Seoul, we had a reunion with Jooheum, Saangkeub, Ji-Hye, Yurim and Sungeun. It is always joyous to see them with whom I spent time and energy to help shape and mold solid Christian faith during their stay in Rwanda. It was also joyous to see fellow Kingdom workers, Min-Young Jung and his wife Jae-Jin Lee. They are always inspirational to me. Seeing our college friends, high school friends and other friends always brings to us fond memories of the past and exciting developments of the present.

Also it was fun to eat a variety of Korean foods. The most enjoyed food was Shaved Ice with Red Beans and Ice Cream. At different places, I had it six times. Wow...

Although we did not spend much time looking around the places tourists visit, but we were able to capture some photos that all Koreans would know. Namsan, Gwanghwamun, King Sejong etc.

I ended up coming back with a cold that causes me a runny nose and sneezing, but I shall overcome soon. Now I will be back to work with my routines to regain the normal life in Rwanda, but only until the next travel comes around the corner... which is just two weeks away. - Jeffrey

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