Tuesday, July 16, 2013

An International Bean Selling Boy Story...

Entrepreneurship... is a buzz word for many.

Young entrepreneurship is a fancy word for even more people with some illusion. Many times, it is just another story of young entrepreneurship that touches your skin and sense, but that is it. It is usually a story of good intent. Not effective. No success.

But not all stories are just stories. Some stories are worthwhile reading and listening.

Keith is a young boy from the U.S., eight years of age.

His father is Peter Greer, CEO of Hope International, an international Christian NGO based in Lancaster, PA, focusing on micro enterprise development around the world. He must have taught his son something about entrepreneurship.

As we know, not all teaching translates to learning and not all learning produces action.

But here is a story that you should read.

Keith is a prime example of a young entrepreneur who has turned what he learned into action immediately and proved his entrepreneurial effort to be not only possible but also successful.

Keith started his business with no capital and produced Rwf3,500 or $5.00 in only two days. Given that a constructor worker earns Rwf1,500-2,000 a day, his income from these two days of business was not bad at all.

He is now a proven international bean trader.

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May his entrepreneurship develop further and bear many fruits for His Kingdom! - Jeffrey

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