Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mt. Kabuye

At the summit with children who followed us
On August 18th, Shalom Bible Study (SBS) members hiked Mt. Kabuye. It is a mountain accessible from Gakenke, located on the way to Musanze. Mt. Kabuye is approximately 2,500 meters high and it is the highest mountain other than the mountains in the Virunga Volcano National Park.

This hike was meant to be a special gathering before three of the SBS members go back to Korea in September: Minjung, Sunghye and Yurim. Two of the members (Jihyun and Youngsup) prepared sandwiches and one of the members (Jihye) prepared sliced cucumbers and carrots, plus bananas. Along with some snacks, rolls and nutrition bars, they were good meals.

The hike was tough and challenging, but most of us made it to the top. Yeah!!!

There is a legend about this mountain. People believe that there is a god, namely Gahonda, who reigns at the top of this mountain. We hiked to the top where his sister is believed to live and where people come to worship this idol god. There was a flat space at the top where we sat down and praised Jesus. We also took time to pray to God for His mercy upon three who will soon be returning to Korea, holding our hands.

This little boy followed up to the top carrying his sister
We were a group of 16 people, including one of UOB staff, Shami, and Missionary Bohye Kim. Throughout the hike, however, dozens of children were following us. Most of them were on bare feet, but they seemed all happy following us. Two of them made many of us feel so bad. They were brother and sister. He was about 6 or 7 years old and he was with a younger sister, may be 3 or 4 years of age. Both of them were on bare feet. Obviously the younger girl could not keep up with us through the journey. Then the boy carried her on his back. The girl declined our offer to carry the girl. So throughout the hike, we had to see these two children hiking up stiff hills we were struggling with. But they both made it to the top also. We felt so uneasy about having to leave them behind after providing them with a small drink and snack to eat after the hike. May the Lord bless them. - Jeffrey

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