Sunday, March 18, 2012

UOB Roadside Signs...

Soon, UOB will be more visible in all over Rwanda. It is because 40 UOB roadside signs will be installed at the entrances of all major towns in Rwanda. These roadside signs will continue to be increased to provide people with guidance on what services available. The signs describe the types of services available in the towns.

The first ones were installed in Ngoma. The designs are appealing and so far the responses are positive.

The challenge is with the local authorities. We need to make payment to local authorities for the use of the land to install the signs. But the local authorities who are responsible for approval have not been very cooperative, except in Ngoma. That is why Ngoma has become the first district where the signs have been established. It is my prayer that local authorities will come to realization of the importance of basic customer care spirit to promote the interest of the district and to be a good example of public servants. - Jeffrey

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